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Lucie - Ceramic swallow

Lucie - Ceramic swallow

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Lucie - Swallow – Ceramic

Product Description


The Ceramic Swallow Wall Mount is a stunning decorative piece inspired by the grace and beauty of the iconic swallow bird. Handcrafted by talented artisans, this piece brings a touch of elegance and charm to any interior. Whether in a living room, bedroom, hallway or even in a protected outdoor space, this ceramic swallow will attract everyone's attention.

Product Features :

  1. Premium Material: Made of high-quality ceramic, this swallow is both durable and hard-wearing. The smooth, neat finish highlights the minute details of the bird.
  2. Realistic Design: The swallow is precisely modeled to capture the elegant silhouette of this bird in flight. Its graceful wings are spread, giving the impression of movement and escape.
  3. Easy to attach: The swallow has a small notch on the back which allows for secure and discreet attachment to the wall using a screw or nail. No complex assembly is required, making it ready to display upon receipt.
  4. Dimensions: This swallow measures approximately 16 cm, making it large enough to be noticed while still being suitable for various indoor spaces.

Description of the origin of the product

This item is produced in Tunisia. It is produced by hand by artisans carefully chosen by Maison Margaux and Co. As the product is produced in an artisanal manner, certain irregularities may be observed.

The objective of Maison Margaux & Co. is to guarantee as much as possible the shortest possible circuit, Maison Margaux & Co. will ensure that it is the only intermediary between the producer and you, the customer.

Each supplier is carefully chosen, ethically and fairly compensated.

This item is available in three different colors.

Suggested Use:

  1. Wall Accent: Hang this ceramic swallow as a unique wall accent in your living room, bedroom or office for an artistic and poetic touch.
  2. Outdoor Decor: If you have a protected outdoor space, such as a covered patio or porch, this swallow can also be used to add a touch of charm to your outdoor space.
  3. Meaningful Gift: Give this ceramic swallow to a friend or loved one as a sign of happiness, freedom and auspiciousness. It is a gift that carries positive symbolism and will be appreciated for its artistic beauty.


Maintenance: Gently wipe the ceramic swallow with a soft cloth to remove dust or dirt. Avoid violent impacts which could damage the part.

Note: As with any handmade ceramic item, slight variations in color or finish may be present, giving each swallow its own uniqueness.

Bring the ethereal beauty and charm of the swallow into your home with this artistic ceramic piece that will brighten your living space. A true symbol of freedom and lightness, this swallow is an enchanting addition to your wall decoration.

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Customer Reviews

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Lea Bartholin
Parfaite !

Très belle qualité, l’hirondelle est si belle, aucun regret, intemporelle !

appréciation du site

Le site est très agréable et très intuitif
les images et couleurs sont harmonieuses

les objets proposés sont beaux