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Hello everyone,

Today we meet for an article entirely devoted to Marrakech, my good addresses, my advice, etc.

After several trips to this city I am starting to have some advice and good addresses that I wanted to share with you...

The best time to go to Marrakech:

All year round but this may vary depending on your heat tolerance... The ideal time to make the most of what Marrakech has to offer is from February to May then October to December.

Housing :

Without hesitation I recommend the Riads, you will find many addresses on the well-known online booking sites.

But you will find below the Riads tested and approved by Maison Margaux & Co:

Riad La porte rouge: very good value for money and well located

Riad 64: also very good value for money, a little better placed than Riad La porte rouge

The currency:

This is the Moroccan Dirham, 1 € is equal to approximately 10 dhs

Transportation on site:

Renting a car is not necessary in my opinion, you will easily find taxis (preferable option if there are 3 of you or less) otherwise a private driver is also a very good option.

Activities :

  1. Exploring the Medina and Place Jemaa el-Fna : Immerse yourself in the heart of the old city, the Medina, with its narrow streets, lively souks and the famous Place Jemaa el-Fna. This vibrant square is a cultural hub where you'll find musicians, snake charmers, spice merchants and more.
  2. Visit the Royal Palaces and Gardens : Explore the Bahia Palace, an architectural masterpiece dating from the 19th century, as well as the El Badi Palace. Don't miss the magnificent Majorelle Gardens, famous for their bright colors and their oasis of calm, but also the Secret Gardens, in the heart of the souk.
  1. Wander the Souks : The souks of Marrakech are a paradise for shopping and interior design enthusiasts... Explore the colorful stalls offering rugs, textiles, pottery, lanterns and many other treasures artisanal. You can easily halve the prices.
  2. Taste Moroccan Cuisine : Taste the delights of Moroccan cuisine, including couscous, tagine, pastillas and pastries. Local restaurants and street stalls offer a variety of authentic flavors.
  3. Visit the Saadian Tombs : Explore the Saadian Tombs, a burial site dating from the 16th century rediscovered in the early 20th century. These sumptuous tombs are an impressive example of Moroccan architecture.
  4. Take an Excursion to the Atlas Mountains : Enjoy a getaway to the Atlas Mountains, which are located near Marrakech. Hike, discover picturesque Berber villages and admire breathtaking landscapes.
  5. Experience a Moroccan Hammam : Treat yourself to a traditional wellness experience by visiting a Moroccan hammam. This steam bath is a pleasant way to relax and take care of yourself. I recommend “The Baths of the Alhambra”
  6. Participate in a Craft Workshop : Learn Moroccan craft techniques by participating in a pottery, weaving, cooking or calligraphy workshop.
  7. Take part in a Moroccan cooking class : Learn to cook the different typical tagines... I recommend the classes held at Riad Chamali with Mouta.

  1. Try aerial yoga: Take advantage of your trip to explore new things, for example you can try aerial yoga at Moro Marrakech: tested and approved!!
  1. The Agafay desert : if it is very hot, you can enjoy a swimming pool in the middle of the desert followed by a meal at sunset (Alkamar Camp) or you can also take the opportunity to take a quad or buggy ride .

Marrakech offers an experience rich in culture, history and discoveries. Whatever your preference, this city has an unforgettable adventure in store for you.

The restaurants :

My favorite part (or almost after the souk), there are a lot of restaurants to discover in Marrakech, you will find addresses for all budgets and tastes.

Below you will find my recommendations:

  • The spice terrace : tested and approved!!!

Much more expensive than the average restaurant in Marrakech, but very, very nice. You can also find alcohol in this restaurant.

  • Café Kessabine : tested and approved!!

Café located on Jemaa El Fna square, with a breathtaking view of the square if you sit on the top floor.

  • Jad Mahal Palace : tested and approved!!

Ideal for a festive evening in Marrakech, great atmosphere and great meal. Price higher than average too.

  • Nomad : tested and approved!!

Restaurant located in the heart of the souk, next to the spice square, menu, location and view, everything comes together.

  • Spice Coffee : tested and approved !!

Ideal for a quick lunch or a drink after a stroll in the souk.

  • El fenn :

Restaurant of a hotel located on a rooftop, the cocktails are not to be missed...

  • Al Fassia : tested and approved!!

Female run restaurant, amazing food

  • Soul food: tested and approved!!

Living spaces with shops and restaurants, the terrace is very pleasant

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