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Gabie - Ex voto – Brass – Gold

Gabie - Ex voto – Brass – Gold

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Gabie - Ex voto – Brass – Gold

Product Description :

The decoration in the form of a gold ex-voto is a unique element that brings a touch of elegance and spirituality to any interior. Inspired by traditional votive offerings, this gold decoration embodies gratitude and devotion to divine entities while adding a precious glow to the surroundings.

Description of the origin of the product:

This item is produced in Mahdia, Tunisia. It is produced by hand by artisans carefully chosen by Maison Margaux and Co. As the product is produced in an artisanal manner, certain irregularities may be observed.

The objective of Maison Margaux & Co. is to guarantee, as much as possible, the shortest possible circuit, Maison Margaux & Co. will ensure that it is the only intermediary between the producer and you, the customer.

Each supplier is carefully chosen, ethically and fairly compensated.

A tribute to the tradition of ex-votos:

The ex-voto, offered for centuries in many cultures around the world, is a testimony of gratitude for blessings received or miracles performed. The decoration in the form of an ex-voto in gilded brass is inspired by this centuries-old tradition and presents itself as a contemporary way of paying homage to the higher forces.

The shine of gold for a refined aesthetic:

The choice of gold as a material for this decoration is not trivial. Gold is synonymous with luxury, prestige, and it is often used in objects of great value. Its warm, sparkling glow instantly catches the eye and brings a note of sophistication to the surrounding space.

Various symbolic shapes and motifs:

Decoration in the form of gold votive offerings comes in a variety of shapes and symbolic patterns. Hearts, stars, crosses, clasped hands and other symbols of protection and blessing can be found among these items. Each shape carries its unique meaning, allowing everyone to choose the one that best resonates with their spirituality.

A gift full of meaning:

Because of their spiritual meaning and elegant aesthetic, gold votive decorations make excellent gifts. Whether to celebrate a special occasion, express gratitude to a loved one or simply offer a meaningful present, this decoration is a precious and thoughtful choice.

Features :

  • Material: Golden brass

  • Gold color

  • Dimensions: between 16 and 18 cm

  • Design: Traditional Moroccan style

  • Use: Wall decoration

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