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Joseph - Cup - Vintage

Joseph - Cup - Vintage

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Joseph – Cup – Vintage

Product Description

The Antique Stoneware Coffee Mug is a high-quality, handcrafted piece that embodies the charm of the past while providing modern functionality. Made from stoneware, a ceramic material known for its durability and heat resistance, this mug is ideal for enjoying your favorite coffee while adding a touch of authenticity to your drinking experience.

Discover this exceptional vintage piece, unearthed during a garage sale or flea market. This unique object has a rich history and nostalgic aura that evokes times gone by. It has been carefully chosen for its quality, authenticity and timeless charm.

State :

This vintage item shows signs of wear consistent with its age and history. Imperfections and traces of use contribute to its charm and authenticity. Please examine the images provided carefully to get an accurate idea of ​​the item's current condition.

History :

The precise history of this object remains largely unknown, but it was discovered at a garage sale, suggesting that it has survived time and generations. Its mysterious past gives it additional value for lovers of vintage objects and unique curiosities.

Features :

Materials: Stoneware (clay-based ceramic)

Style: Vintage, rustic, minimalist

Origin: Digoin factory (Burgundy, France)

Shape: Minimalist

Dimensions: Height 9 cm – Diameter 7 cm

Finish: Each mug is unique with variations in colors and textures that reflect the handcrafted character of the product.

Heat Resistance: Antique stoneware is known for its ability to retain heat, allowing your coffee to stay hot longer.

Uses: This stoneware mug is suitable for various uses:

  • Coffee Tasting: Enjoy the warmth and richness of your coffee while appreciating the charm of ancient sandstone.
  • Hot and cold drinks: Besides coffee, the mug can also be used for other hot or cold drinks, such as tea, hot chocolate or even refreshing drinks.
  • Decoration: In addition to its functionality, the mug can serve as a decorative element in your kitchen or on your table, adding a touch of rustic style.

Interview :

  • Hand Wash Recommended: To preserve the beauty of antique stoneware and avoid damaging the delicate finishes, it is recommended to wash the mug by hand.
  • Avoid thermal shock: Avoid pouring very hot liquids into a cold cup or vice versa, as this may cause cracking.

Note on Authenticity: Due to the handmade nature of the product, each mug may have slight variations in color, texture and detail, making it a unique and authentic piece.

Conclusion: The stoneware mug offers a perfect combination of modern functionality and antique charm. Whether enjoying your morning coffee or adding a rustic touch to your space, this handcrafted mug is a stylish and practical choice.

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