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Jade - Round mirror - Brass - Gold

Jade - Round mirror - Brass - Gold

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Jade - Round brass mirror

Product Description

This round mirror has rounded contours in golden brass

It will be ideal in your living rooms, your entrance, or your dressing table to perfect your decoration. It will brighten up your interior with its shape and golden metal.

It can be fixed to the wall or placed on a piece of furniture. Each mirror has hooks on the back to attach it to the wall. The mirror can be installed in series or individually.

Golden brass is a mixture of copper and zinc.

Description of the origin of the product

This item is produced in Marrakech, Morocco. It is produced by hand by artisans carefully chosen by Maison Margaux and Co. As the product is produced in an artisanal manner, certain irregularities may be observed.

The objective of Maison Margaux & Co. is to guarantee as much as possible the shortest possible circuit, Maison Margaux & Co. will ensure that it is the only intermediary between the producer and you, the customer.

Each supplier is carefully chosen, ethically and fairly compensated.

This item is available in four different sizes:

Product characteristics:

Main material of the arch-shaped mirror: Brass and glass

Screws are not provided

Product dimensions:

Size S

Diameter: 15cm

Net weight: 300g

Size M

Diameter: 23 cm

Net weight: 500g

Size L:

Diameter: 30 cm

Net weight: 800g

Size XL

Diameter: 35 cm

Net weight: 1.2kg

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