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Georges - Boucle cushion - Gold star

Georges - Boucle cushion - Gold star

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Georges – Boucle berlingot cushion

Product Description

Our Georges cushion, a carton-shaped cushion with a star sewn on the front of the cushion. Its carton shape will be perfect in your decoration and will add a little contrast with its different shape from the usual cushions.

Sold with filling, non-removable cover.

Description of the origin of the product

The Georges cushion Made in Lyon in our workshops, in France. It was imagined and manufactured by Maëlys, Maëlys is an interior designer, she started sewing for pleasure and imagined a cushion in the shape of a carton with a star sewn on the front of the cushion.

Its French terry fabric is purchased in Morocco, the fabrics of other colors come from fabric scraps. Due to the shape of the cushion, there is very little fabric waste.

This item is available in three different sizes:

Product characteristics:

Main cushion material: Cotton

Product dimensions:

Size S: 20x20x20cm

Net weight: 150g

Size M: 30x30x30cm

Net weight: 300g

Size L: 40x40x40cm

Net weight: 300g

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