The history of Maison Margaux & Co

L'histoire de Maison Margaux & Co

It's the story of a girl who has always been passionate about travel and interior design. One day she went on a trip to Marrakech, once, then twice, then three and then it became obvious.

To explain it to you a little more concretely, during my various trips I love bringing back souvenirs, most of the time decorations, and have always been there. I considers each trip as an opportunity to be inspired by the different architecture, colors and textures I encounter. Each new destination I explore becomes a source of inspiration for my decoration projects. I have always done this only for myself, but now perhaps it will be for you?

My ideal house tells unique stories. My home is a reflection of my past adventures, with travel memories carefully incorporated into every corner. I love mixing pieces of craftsmanship brought from various countries with modern design elements, creating a balance between tradition and contemporary.

And then life... After three trips to Morocco, the purchase of a pouf, a few stools and interior decoration I no longer had room for anything in my little Lyon apartment.

That's when I had the idea of ​​bringing back objects for others, for you... Having the opportunity to combine my passions for travel and interior design means everything to me. immediately seemed obvious.

At the start of 2023, full of good resolutions for this new year, I wanted to put my plans into action, take the time to build this project, this brand in parallel with my previous professional life. But life decided otherwise... I finally left my job in which I no longer recognized myself.

That's what I decided to do and that's where Maison Margaux & Co was born...

Through reflection, hours of thinking, rethinking, all this took shape, my love for travel, interior decoration and my desire to make people happy and bring people together.

The idea is to offer you interior decoration objects and inspiration for your home. The pieces will come from crafts produced around the world (Morocco, Indonesia, France, etc.) but also vintage objects mainly from old French factories (porcelain, stoneware, etc.)

So, here we go, welcome to my world, my adventure...

If you made it this far, thank you!

I hope it will be a great adventure for us.


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